About Us


About Us?

Presso was founded by a hard-working group with a passion for coffee culture, unlike the standard coffee shops, with positive communication and a serious corporate approach.

Presso positions itself on three main pillars:

  1. Humanity and the World: The desire to create an environment that respects nature for greenness and sustainability
  2. Homeland: Creating added value with a worldwide brand
  3. Our Guests: Using the best coffee beans, the best recipe to make the best coffee

Our Vision

  • Improving the quality of life of our guests
  • Supporting the society we are a member of
  • Bring our humanity to the forefront
  • To be a leader in Service and Quality

Our Mission

  • Be more than a name or product
  • To serve everyone better than anyone
  • To make our guests feel special, keeping in mind that they have other alternatives
  • To gain the trust of our employees, guests, suppliers

Our Values

  • Honesty, Charity, Justice, Trust, Commitment, Sharing Life, Open-mindedness, Good Listening
  • The best way to gain the trust and loyalty of our guests is to show them the values we believe in. How we live defines us and our dignity.

Our Understanding

  • Brand: More than a name or product
  • Passion: Make and sell good coffee
  • Quality: Keeping operation, customer service and technology usage at the highest level by through teamwork
  • Cleanliness: Full compliance with all hygiene rules
  • Righteousness: To personalize ethical values, to be honest, reliable and sustainable
  • Respect: Respect for our guests and teammates
  • Behavior: To behave as we would like to be treated
  • Community Awareness: Doing everything we can to improve each other and the society in which we are
  • Reliability: Increased productivity and profitability as a result of error-free operation
  • Profitability: Having new guests, trust of our suppliers and sustainable money making