Espresso Specialty Blend

1kg Hazelnut Chocolate

Presso Espresso Specialty Blend brings Italian Espresso style and culture to your cup. It is roasted according to the rules of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), rated with 83 points on the SCA criteria and with coffee beans growing between 1350 and 1800 meters, it provides a balanced coffee experience garnished with hazelnut and chocolate flavors.

Filter Coffee Specialty Blend

1kg Colombia Supremo Lucero Brazil Santos Full Body Milk Chocolate

Presso Filter Coffee, which is referred to as a blend, was roasted in accordance with the rules set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Inside, specially harvested coffee beans from Colombia Supremo Lucero and Brazil Santos regions provides a vibrant coffee experience until the last sip. 2018 harvests from altitudes above 1350 meters have a full body and milk chocolate notes are dominant.

Burundi Kirezi

250gr Burundi Soft Body Peach Red Plum

Coffee beans grown in the red soil of Ngozi in the North named Kirezi, which means "a thing of beauty ”in the local language, are dried following 10-12 hours of aerobic fermentation and treatment in washing stations awarded with the "Cup of Excellence" prize. It provides a pleasant drink with its soft body and sweet structure.

Honduras La Finca Rosa

250gr Honduras High Body Sweet Herbal Flavors

La Finca Rosa is the westernmost coffee growing region of Honduras. The altitude in the region is 1100-1600 meters above sea level. Producers process their coffee in a traditional fully washed process. With its strong body and sweet profile, herbal and chocolate notes provide a classic but saturated coffee experience.

Colombia Lucero

250gr Colombia Full Body Milk Chocolate Tangerine

Lucero Supremo, a blend of 17/18 sieve cores of 200 small-scale farmers in the La Celia Region, 1400 meters high in the Atlantic Ocean, gives you the pleasure of coffee with a special roasting profile prepared for you.

Turkish Coffee

250gr Traditional Turkish

Dibek Coffee

250gr Traditional Turkish